[slime-devel] bug report - slime inspector + lispworks

Martin Simmons martin at lispworks.com
Thu May 17 16:54:48 UTC 2007

>>>>> On Mon, 14 May 2007 13:45:32 -0700, Mac Chan said:
> I finally bite the bullet and upgrade to CVS slime from slime-2.0 but it is not
> a smooth ride.
> I ended up spending hours reverting changes to my development
> environment after I discovered that slime-inspector is broken in
> lispworks.
> So at least I want to file a report here in case any lispworks user considering
> to upgrade to the latest and greatest.
> I typed these in the slime-repl
> (defstruct rect x y)
> (defparameter *rect* (make-rect :x 1 :y 2))
> M-x slime-inspect
> *rect*
> and it will send emacs/lispworks into infinitely loop. Lispworks and emacs both
> freeze and I don't know how to debug it.

This is fixed in CVS now.  The problem was caused by lispworks-inspect
nconcing a constant list returned by label-value-line and making it circular.

Martin Simmons
LispWorks Ltd

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