[slime-devel] Re: Lisp interaction with editors other than emacs?

Pascal Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Fri Mar 23 09:26:18 UTC 2007

Duncan Domingue writes:
> Thank you all for pointing out these great resources. In the process of
> looking for information on this subject, I came to the realization that what
> I don't like about emacs is how it handles keyboard shortcuts. I prefer
> using simple sequential shortcuts, like Control-K then x, the kind that Joe,
> gnu screen, and the window manager ratpoison use. I believe I may end up
> hacking on Joe a bit to connect it to my Common Lisp implementation, CLISP,
> since I know C and don't envision needing too many esoteric features, really
> just evaluate selection or form and print the results in a buffer. Again,
> thank you for the help, and I'll post again once/if I've made some progress.

If what you don't like are the keychords in emacs, then
instead of typing C-M-\ you can type equivalently and sequentially:  ESC C-\

Otherwise, you can make your own key-binding to your liking in emacs.
That shouldn't be a reason why not to use it.  

There even are modes to use CUA or vi keyboard shortcuts...

__Pascal Bourguignon__

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