[slime-devel] what does SWANK compile??

Alex Mizrahi killerstorm at newmail.ru
Fri Mar 16 12:17:07 UTC 2007

Hello, All!

i'm trying to debug SLIME for ABCL implementation -- it appears that SLIME 
causes some compiler error with it..

i've noticed that defect happens in functions that are generated on-fly by 
SLIME. this looks like for each form in REPL (or so) SLIME do (compile nil 
[something]) several of times.. ABCL produces a temp file for each form 
compiled this way, so i see this temp files being created.

i thought maybe it compiles forms from REPL -- but no, stuff from REPL is 
running in interpreted mode..

so this is weird.. does anyone have an idea what does it compile and why?

it's possible that it's caused not by SLIME but by ABCL itself. anyway i'd 
like to know what SLIME does.

i would also appreciate any tips on investigating this.

With best regards, Alex Mizrahi. 

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