[slime-devel] who-calls for openmcl

Takehiko Abe keke at gol.com
Fri Mar 16 06:48:17 UTC 2007

I noticed that who-calls doesn't work for methods in openmcl.
Here is a quick hack. It appears to work for me.

;; xref-locations from swank-openmcl.lisp

(defun xref-locations (relation name &optional (inverse nil))
  (flet ((function-source-location (entry)
           (multiple-value-bind (info name)
                                 (ccl::%db-key-from-xref-entry entry)
                                 (if (eql (ccl::xref-entry-type entry)
                                   (ccl::xref-entry-type entry)))
             (cond ((not info)
                    (list :error
                          (format nil "No source info available for ~A"
                                  (ccl::xref-entry-name entry))))
                   ((typep (caar info) 'ccl::method)
                      (:file ,(remove-filename-quoting
                               (namestring (translate-logical-pathname
                                            (cdr (car info))))))
                       ,(princ-to-string (ccl::method-name (caar info)))
                       ,(mapcar 'princ-to-string
                                (mapcar #'specializer-name
                                         (caar info))))
                       ,@(mapcar 'princ-to-string
                                 (ccl::method-qualifiers (caar info))))
                    (canonicalize-location (cdr (first info)) name))))))
    (declare (dynamic-extent #'function-source-location))
    (loop for xref in (if inverse 
                        (ccl::get-relation relation name
                                           :wild :exhaustive t)
                        (ccl::get-relation relation
                                           :wild name :exhaustive t))
          for function = (ccl::xref-entry-name xref)
          collect `((function ,function)
                    ,(function-source-location xref)))))

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