[slime-devel] [BUG] a repeatable way to crash a utf-8 slime session

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at math.ntnu.no
Sat Jan 27 13:15:48 UTC 2007

+ T Taneli Vahakangas <vahakang at cs.helsinki.fi>:

| FWIW, I solved my unicode problems related to unreconcilable
| differences between emacs and slime by upgrading emacs to version 23
| (cvs branch emacs-unicode-2 or somesuch).

An excellent choice.  The scary disclaimer on the splash screen
notwithstanding, I honestly believe this is the most stable emacs I
ever did run.  Not that I managed to crash earlier emacsen very often,
but this one just seems rock solid.  Though I am sure you can have
bad things happening if you run cvs update at an unopportune moment.
Better have a good backup policy.

But I write this not to sing the praise of the emacs-unicode-2 branch,
but to point out that I neglected to mention my emacs version in a
previous post where I said I could not reproduce the problem.  This is
vital information.  Sorry about leaving it out.

- Harald

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