[slime-devel] Re: [Fwd: Re: Re: slime.el `slime-expand-abbreviations-and-complete']

Juho Snellman jsnell at iki.fi
Mon Jan 22 02:23:25 UTC 2007

<enometh at meer.net> wrote:
> * Juho Snellman <slrner8166.fcm.jsnell at localhost.localdomain> :
>| I'm rather confused. The behaviour of moving the point to the end of
>| the word, rather than to the end of the unambiguous prefix, has been
>| driving me up the wall, and I was just about to reopen the previous
>| thread on the subject.
> This surprises me. How do people use this function? if you type a
> minimum number of characters and try to complete, the bug in the
> original unambiguous prefix code that I tried to demonstrate in that
> thread exposes itself rather clearly.

I've never seen any bugs with this before the changes last month. What
I do is:

 1. Type some characters
 2. Complete
 3. If ambiguous, go to step 1

Well, actually that's what I *would* do if this wasn't broken in CVS
right now. As it is, the workflow is more like:

 1. Type some characters
 2. Complete
 3. If ambiguous try to type some characters. Find that it's useless,
    since there are no ambiguities at the point
 4. Switch to the *Completions* window that was opened
 5. Arrow-key or C-s to the symbol that I want
 6. Press enter
 7. Press C-x 0 to close the now useless window that was opened
 8. Curse

The latter workflow seems rather suboptimal, even if I could teach
myself to avoid steps 3 and 8. So I would love to have the first one
work again.

>| These messages seem to be implying that Edi has already checked in a
>| fix for this bug, but I don't see any mention of it in the ChangeLog,
>| and it's still broken for me with Slime 2007-01-20. Am I missing
>| something?
> From a checkout of a few weeks ago, the "bug" was put back, there was
> no Changelog entry, but I noticed the original buggy behaviour was
> back. . You can grep for "unambiguous" in slime.el to find if your
> sources are upto date

I'm still confused! :-)

% cvs update -p -r HEAD slime.el | grep unambig | wc -l

Juho Snellman

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