[slime-devel] Saving *slime-scratch*

Harald Hanche-Olsen hanche at math.ntnu.no
Mon Apr 30 09:53:42 UTC 2007

Wouldn't it be better to take a more generic approach and supply a
hook?  I.e., modify the code to read

(defun slime-scratch-buffer ()
  "Return the scratch buffer, create it if necessary."
  (or (get-buffer "*slime-scratch*")
      (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "*slime-scratch*")
	(use-local-map slime-scratch-mode-map)
	(slime-mode t)
	(run-hooks 'slime-scratch-mode-hook) ; <-- new addition

Then the user could just say something like

(defun set-slime-scratch-file-name ()
  (when (and (boundp 'slime-scratch-file) slime-scratch-file)
    (setf buffer-file-name slime-scratch-file)))
(add-hook 'slime-scratch-mode-hook 'set-slime-scratch-file-name)

And if that proposal does not meet with approval, you can always add
the hook yourself:

(defun maybe-run-slime-scratch-mode-hook ()
  (when (string= (buffer-name) "*slime-scratch*")
    (run-hooks 'slime-scratch-mode-hook)))
(add-hook 'slime-mode-hook 'maybe-run-slime-scratch-mode-hook t)

- Harald

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