Extras [was Re: [slime-devel] Re: recording and compiling changed definitions]

Levente Mészáros levente.meszaros at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 08:07:58 UTC 2007

> Maybe we should create a new module in the CVS repository, say
> slime-extras, for non-essential or not-mature features.  That would be
> very useful to make such code publicly available.  I'm not sure
> whether CVS is a good tool for such purposes.  Anyway, the core of
> Slime should be/become reasonably small and robust.
> I'd say the following qualifies as non-essential:
>  - fuzzy completion
>  - presentations
>  - class/xref browser
>  - complete-form
>  - stuff that tries to be to smart

I think splitting SLIME into multiple modules is generally a good
idea. On the other hand I also think these SLIME "extras" are really
essentials. I would also put paredit on that list and make that stuff
installed by default for newbies.

I have seen newbies coming from the C/C++/Java world (and I'm not
talking about bad hackers) having trouble with the default set of
installed features of SLIME. For example not having paredit by default
was one of those.

Actually I'm using Eclipse and the Java tool chain for half the
working time while I'm using SLIME, emacs and SBCL for the other half
and I believe I have experience with both of them and I think there
are pros and cons on both sides. Just to mention one: renaming a
function in CL code still requires regexp search whilc in Eclipse this
is painfully simple.


There's no perfectoin

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