[slime-devel] Problems with SLIME and LispWorks 5

Bill Atkins atkinw at rpi.edu
Wed Sep 27 15:15:55 UTC 2006

On Sep 27, 2006, at 5:32 AM, Peder O. Klingenberg wrote:

> Bill Atkins <atkinw at rpi.edu> writes:
>> Then I ran SLIME and watched some output scroll through
>> *inferior-lisp*, only to stop at a CL-USER> prompt.  The echo area
>> informs me that SLIME is still polling the connection ("Polling
>> "/tmp/slime.1257".. (Abort with `M-x slime- abort-connection'.)").
> I'm seeing the same symptoms on a laptop running ubuntu, with LW 4.6
> and CVS slime (last checkout was a couple of weeks ago, I think).
> It's been that way for quite some time for me, many months.  I haven't
> investigated at all (actual work keeps getting in the way), but I've
> avoided upgrading the slime on my normal workstation for a long time,
> partly because of this [1].
> I have a workaround, though.  I don't have my laptop with me today, so
> this is going by memory, but when slime hangs and displays that
> message about aborting the connection, I do another 'M-x slime'.  When
> it asks me if I want to open another *inferior-lisp* I decline.  That
> apparently unsticks something in slime, and I get the slime REPL
> running.  The message buffer often says something like "buffer has no
> process" or something, but everything works just fine.

You're right; running slime again does the trick.  Thanks.  It would  
still be nice to find out what causes this.


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