[slime-devel] Problems with SLIME and LispWorks 5

Peder O. Klingenberg peder at klingenberg.no
Wed Sep 27 09:32:39 UTC 2006

Bill Atkins <atkinw at rpi.edu> writes:

> Then I ran SLIME and watched some output scroll through
> *inferior-lisp*, only to stop at a CL-USER> prompt.  The echo area
> informs me that SLIME is still polling the connection ("Polling
> "/tmp/slime.1257".. (Abort with `M-x slime- abort-connection'.)").

I'm seeing the same symptoms on a laptop running ubuntu, with LW 4.6
and CVS slime (last checkout was a couple of weeks ago, I think).
It's been that way for quite some time for me, many months.  I haven't
investigated at all (actual work keeps getting in the way), but I've
avoided upgrading the slime on my normal workstation for a long time,
partly because of this [1].

I have a workaround, though.  I don't have my laptop with me today, so
this is going by memory, but when slime hangs and displays that
message about aborting the connection, I do another 'M-x slime'.  When
it asks me if I want to open another *inferior-lisp* I decline.  That
apparently unsticks something in slime, and I get the slime REPL
running.  The message buffer often says something like "buffer has no
process" or something, but everything works just fine.

Sorry about the vagueness and handwaving, but maybe my workaround is
helpful anyway.

[1] I'm continually torn between the two impulses "If it works, don't
    fix it" and "Ooh, shiny!".  My wife thinks I give in to the latter
    far too often and gets cross with me for breaking our main home
    system. :)

I wish a new life awaited _me_ in some off-world colony.

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