[slime-devel] Connection to Emacs lost under LispWorks 5.0

Chris Dean ctdean at sokitomi.com
Tue Sep 19 21:46:29 UTC 2006

When I evaluate 

  (code-char 8217)

in the SLIME repl, the Emacs connection to the Lisp process is lost.
It looks like lisp is still running when I look at my ps output.

This is under Linux using LispWorks 5.0 and the latest CVS slime.

The *inferior-lisp* buffer has the message 

  ;; swank:close-connection: #\U+2019 is not of type BASE-CHAR.

I assume this is some sort of encoding problem, but I'm not sure

Any ideas as to how to fix this?

Chris Dean

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