[slime-devel] Daily ChangeLog diff

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Mon Nov 6 13:37:14 UTC 2006

> > anyways, i'll set up a darcs repo at
> > common-lisp.net/project/cl-wdim/darcs. feel free to pull whatever
> > you would like to have in the official.
> However, this is not how it works.
> If you are interested in getting your improvements into SLIME, it
> would help to send patches that do *one* improvement at a time and to
> explain what they do.

belive me i would if managing it didn't take _more_ time then doing
the features themselves. i gave up on using cvs a long time ago. of
course it could be my lack of expertise, but dealing with separated
patches with cvs especially without commit rights is a pita.

sorry for being upset, but cvs diff'ing, hand editing the patches,
then keeping track of what changes i've sent and what changes are not
meant to be sent at all, and then keeping it in sync with the
ChangeLog is way too much effort compared to the effort i spend on
actually improving slime.

> For instance, your sldb-sexp-highlight-mode came in, without an
> explanation of the proposed feature, with a patch apparently related
> to fuzzy completion.  This is not a good strategy: For instance, I

sorry for that. probably i got tired of going through the cvs diff
result and deleting patch hunks by hand the nth time in a way that
does not break the diff file.

all in all, i would suggest moving to a better versioning system like
darcs that handles all these issues in a very convenient way including
the ChangeLog. but time tought me not to try reforming things that i'm
not an original participant of and where i don't see the will without
my efforts. i brought up moving to darcs, i asked for commit rights,
etc without any answers while meanwhile in some occasions i was
spending more time fighting with cvs and editing diffs by hand then
actually hacking the features themselves.

i may sound [lack of proper english knowledge] but there's no anger
and nothing like that in me. i'm just going in the direction of the
least resistance in this given situation... my goal is to have a
devenv that doesn't annoy us and currently having a darcs repo to
share slime with my collegues and occasionally merging it with the
official cvs is way much simpler then the above process.

again, please don't feel offended by this mail, i'm lacking proper
english to talk about an issue like this in a way that is not
offending but at the same time clear and honest.

- attila

"- The truth is that I've been too considerate, and so became
unintentionally cruel...
 - I understand.
 - No, you don't understand! We don't speak the same language!"
(Ingmar Bergman - Smultronstället)

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