[slime-devel] *sldb-quit-restart* (was: On the numbering of restarts in SLDB)

Attila Lendvai attila.lendvai at gmail.com
Wed May 31 19:00:38 UTC 2006

> Patch attached that does the above. It works just fine for me!
> New parameter named *sldb-quit-restart*, i.e. the restart used by sldb-quit.

it would be cool if that var was a list. i'm working a lot with UCW
and when az error happens theres a fail miserably restart that closes
the network stream and ignores the request. it's a major PITA to
always find that restart...

but thanks for this improvement, too!

- attila

(alias 101 on irc &no 'its not lisp code :)

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