[slime-devel] *sldb-quit-restart* (was: On the numbering of restarts in SLDB)

Nathan Bird nathan at acceleration.net
Wed May 31 17:43:16 UTC 2006

>I looked around a little bit, it doesn't look like this is currently
>available. Q invokes slime's sldb-quit, which calls swank:throw-to-
>Maybe add a new parameter that defaults to 'abort-request, but could be
>dynamically rebound to name a different restart before UCW invokes the
>swank-debugger? Swank:throw-to-toplevel would use the parameter to invoke
>the correct restart.
>Any objections/much better ideas?

Patch attached that does the above. It works just fine for me!

New parameter named *sldb-quit-restart*, i.e. the restart used by sldb-quit.

I looked a bit about adding 'q' to the label of the sldb-quit restart, but
the numbers are actually added late in the game in slime.el
(sldb-insert-restarts). So a bit more code would be needed than I had hoped.
We could add the *sldb-quit-restart* to the package of info that
debugger-info-for-emacs sends, but it looks like by the time it gets to
emacs it is no longer dealing with symbols, but entirely strings. Maybe
swank:format-restarts-for-emacs could add an optional third element to the
list it returns indicating if the restart is the sldb-quit-restart? Any
other information about restarts that might need to be sent along?

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