[slime-devel] Fuzzy completion

Brian Downing bdowning at lavos.net
Wed May 17 14:19:01 UTC 2006

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 04:06:23PM +0200, Attila Lendvai wrote:
> >Although I'm not a big emacs guru, so things might be implemented
> >simpler, but I did what I could with a resonable effort. Still you may
> >or may not find this useful.
> there was no feedback on this, but i'm using this patch for some time
> now and i like it a lot! it's much better then the non-fuzzy version,
> and the gui of this fuzzy version is finally non-interruptive to the
> editing process.
> most of the time i just write some nearly random chars press tab then
> space and keep on typing  without any interruption. and in the 10% it
> misses i press undo, tab again, up/down arrows to select the correct
> completion (rarely edit the text a bit more) and then space, which is
> goto 10... :)

Okay, I'm going to be having some free time coming up shortly, so I'll
probably be looking at what it would take to merge this in alongside the
current interface (on the "choices are good" theory), along with trying
to speed up the actual algorithm.

> what kind of completion are people using?

I use both the normal complete* function (bound to C-M-i) and the existing
fuzzy completor (bound to C-c C-i).  Which one I hit just depends on
what I'm doing at the time.  In "interactive" situations I do tend to
use the normal completion, when I use fuzzy is when I know I want a long
annoying name, so I purposefully type some abbreviation for it, hit C-c
C-i, select from menu, and hit enter.  As this was my use case when I
was designing it, it is why the current interface is optimized for it.  :)


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