[slime-devel] Re: How to erase input lines in REPL?

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Tue May 16 18:18:55 UTC 2006

Giorgos Pontikakis <gnp at freemail.gr> writes:

> I just downloaded slime from CVS and I see that you already
> implemented it. I think that this idea does not work very well in
> combination with paredit mode, where one does not manually close
> parantheses and the point usually remains in the expression even if
> this has been completed. Using paredit, one has to force sending the
> input all the time.

oh, hadn't though about that (i'm a big fan of paredit but don't use
it in the repl).

> I did not find a configuration option to change this behaviour and
> modified my local copy of slime.el to revert to the old behaviour. But
> maybe I'm doing something wrong -- I'm new to SLIME. Is there a way to
> bind RET to the old behaviour? Or, if not, would you consider adding
> an option for enabling/disabling this feature?

I added a slime-repl-return-behaviour variable, set it to
:send-if-complete for the old behaviour, :send-only-if-after-complete
for the "new" behaviour. This variable is customizable (in the
slime-repl group).

paredit and slime should work seemlessly with each other, yell if
things are still weird.

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