[slime-devel] Re: Odd bug - heads up

Kilian Sprotte ml13 at onlinehome.de
Wed Mar 15 10:29:59 UTC 2006

Alan Ruttenberg <alanr-l <at> mumble.net> writes:

> I found that presentations which were in my repl input history,  
> weren't being recalled as presentations when I recalled previous  
> history - they were coming back as text, and so would generally  
> trigger a reader error when I tried the command.
> I tracked this down to
> (defun slime-repl-replace-input (string)
>    (slime-repl-delete-current-input)
>    (setq it string)
>    (insert-and-inherit string))
> If one uses insert, instead of insert-and-inherit then repl history  
> works correctly for presentations, for me.
> No idea why this is problematic. It looks like this function has been  
> this way for a long time - perhaps a bug in the emacs I am using (OS  
> X tiger, fink installed, I think).
> Anyways, thought I'd post this in case anyone else was having the  
> same problem, or had some insight as to why this is happening.
> -Alan

Hi again,

while looking at presentations today, I realized that
slime-repl-replace-input still looks like:

(defun slime-repl-replace-input (string)
  (insert-and-inherit string))

Does anything speak against using insert?


  Kilian Sprotte

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