[slime-devel] Connect to remote lisp process

Bruce L. Lambert, Ph.D. lambertb at uic.edu
Fri Jun 16 19:13:57 UTC 2006

After seeing Marco Baringer's slime movie, I am trying to connect 
from Emacs (v. 21.3.1) running on my Windows machine to cmucl running 
on my Linux machine using the instructions provided by Andy Sloane 
(http://a1k0n.net/blah/archives/2005/11/04/T18_00_44/index.html). All 
of the intermediate steps seem to be working, but when I try to "M-x 
my-box-slime" I get the following error.

error in process filter: byte-code: net-read error: 
(cl-assertion-failed (plusp length))
error in process filter: net-read error: (cl-assertion-failed (plusp length))

Any ideas? Thanks.


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