[slime-devel] Re: Slime/CMU hangs on GC

Dan Pierson dlp at itasoftware.com
Mon Jun 5 20:55:01 UTC 2006

Utz-Uwe Haus {usenet} wrote:
> "Florian Ebeling" <florian.ebeling at gmail.com> writes:
>>My emacs in slime mode hangs quite oft imidiatly
>>after announcing a GC run, usually from a Slime mode
>>buffer, not from REPL. I use CMUCL and Slime from
>>CVS. Is this a known behaviour?
> At least I have to see 'me too' for this, if by 'emacs hangs' you mean
> the slime->lisp connection gets stuck in "eval state" (as announced in
> the modeline). Emacs itself is not unresponsive, but everything
> involving slime obviously hang.
> I tried to locate the cause
> and could improve things a bit by removing the pre-gc-hook and
> post-gc-hook in swank-cmucl.lisp. Now it takes longer till hang occurs.
> Any debugging leads greatly appreciated.

We had a similar problem with our slightly aged CMUCL.  The following 
change to swank-cmucl.lisp fixed it:

;(defimplementation make-weak-key-hash-table (&rest args)
;  (apply #'make-hash-table :weak-p t args))

I.E. Comment out the above definition.

> later
> Utz

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