[slime-devel] Output from Lisp to slime-repl

Pascal Bourguignon pjb at informatimago.com
Mon Jul 17 21:57:32 UTC 2006

Lynn Quam writes:
> I am attempting to better integrate the use of the SLIME REPL with my
> application.
> I have an event loop that listens for tcl/tk events and dispatches
> to Lisp event handlers.  Some of the event handlers would like to 
> insert "results" into the *slime-repl* buffer and bind *, + and /
> in the same manner as is done in swank::listener-eval.
> What is the "proper" way to do this with swank? I have tried to use
> swank:send-to-emacs, but Emacs is not expecting to see the (:present
> ...) forms that I send.  
> The following seems to work, but there might be a better way:
>   (swank:eval-in-emacs 
>      '(slime-repl-eval-string "(swank::get-freedius-repl-output)")
> where SWANK::GET-FREEDIUS-REPL-OUTPUT returns the multiple-values
> that I want to appear in the *slime-repl* buffer. 

Have a look at:  http://paste.lisp.org/display/22414
<pjb> (emacs <-> common-lisp RPC with slime/swank)

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