[slime-devel] OpenGL Integration into the REPL ?

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Thu Jul 13 08:27:57 UTC 2006

* Sean Charles [2006-07-13 09:44+0200] writes:

> I have spent a few hours reading the SWANK code trying to see where I
> can make changes but I am just to new to it, I have used SLIME but
> never before had a need to modify it and right now it looks a bit
> intimidating to try and figure out how to do what I would like to do
> which is basically find a way to make the OpenGL timer function and
> the display function both to 'keep the SWANK backend alive' by
> somehow calling whatever is needed to ensure that the SLIME session
> remains active at the same time as my OpenGL application is running.

Since use are on a Mac, you probably use the :fd-handler communication
style.  Perhaps you can arrange things so that a OpenGL timer calls
SB-SYS:SERVE-ALL-EVENTS.  This will then (hopefully) invoke SWANK's
fd-handlers if there is some input from Emacs.


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