[slime-devel] Re: Patch: ISO 8601 Date format for SLIME inspector

Marco Baringer mb at bese.it
Sun Jul 24 15:40:08 UTC 2005

Tom Pierce <tlpierce at gmail.com> writes:

> I decided to try to "fix" this problem and make the inspector display
> the proper ISO 8601 time and include the correct timezone.  Thanks to
> Nikolai Sandved's ISO 8601 page
> (http://www.pvv.ntnu.no/~nsaa/ISO8601.html), this was easy.  I took
> his format-iso8601-time and included it in swank.lisp.  Then, I
> modified the inspect-for-emacs method that takes an integer to call
> his format-iso8601-time function.  VOILA!  Proper dates.

nice! applied.

p.s. - supplying a changelog entry along with a patch would be nice
(though patches without changelogs are almost always better than no
patch at all...)

p.p.s. - there's no license on thomas russ' code, i'm guessing this
means it's as public domain as your country of residence allows. if
i'm mistaken somebody holler and i'll backout the code.

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