[slime-devel] Projects

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Sun Jul 3 16:01:12 UTC 2005

Nicolas Neuss <Nicolas.Neuss at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de> writes:

> Hello,
> with help from c.l.l, I have made ASDF putting my FASLs to different
> directories depending on the implementation.  Unfortunately, SLIME's C-c
> C-k still puts FASLs in the directory where the file lies.  This looks like
> a problem which can only be solved by considering Lisp files as parts of
> ASDF systems (similar to what IDEs for other languages do with
> projects).

A low tech solution would be to rebind C-c C-k to slime-load-system.

> Maybe this is a direction to take for SLIME?

Maybe.  But is clearly desirable to keep SLIME usable without "system"
or "project" stuff.

> Yours, Nicolas.
> P.S.: Some further ideas: Maybe SLIME could somehow search for a system for
> the file when it is loaded.  Or one could think of assisting SLIME by
> putting the system name in a comment at the beginning of the file.

I think slime-load-system is a good starting point.  Perhaps we can
make it a bit less chatty and bind it to a key.


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