[slime-devel] Re: It's not just me! [was: CLISP on Windows?]

Karsten Poeck Karsten.poeck at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 07:46:10 UTC 2005

> So you built 2.33.2 yourself under cygwin? I assume that such a binary
> will only run on machines that have cygwin installed, right? Is there
> any chance you could download the win32 binary from Sourceforge and
> let me know if that works for you?
Ok, done that and also tried a mingw build.
clisp cvs head cygwin works with slime cvs head
clisp cvs head mingw (no need for cygwin) works with slime cvs head
clisp released version for windows from sourceforge does not work (starts 
up, loads slime but does not connect)



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