[slime-devel] Re: [slime-cvs] CVS update: slime/doc/slime.texi

Helmut Eller heller at common-lisp.net
Thu Apr 7 10:11:42 UTC 2005

"Marc Battyani" <marc.battyani at fractalconcept.com> writes:

>> But I think it would be better to keep the indentation code in Emacs
>> than to make a fork.
> I don't use Emacs but XEmacs so I'm in favor of keeping the indentation code
> in the Slime CVS and to make it the "official" one (or at least the cutting
> edge one ;-) so that people can contribute to it.

So far, nobody made a contribution.  So I think it's ok not to include
it in this release.  We will see if there's a need for our own
indentation code after the release.  Most people seem to whine about
loop; maybe we should create a loop-indent.el instead of a file for
all of CL.

> BTW the latest modification for find-coding-system does not work on XEmacs
> 21.5.18 Win32 (I had to force it to binary).

Uh.. tested with non-mule XEmacs but not with the other.  This time it
should work for both (and even for Emacs).


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