[slime-devel] Re: small patch to slime-xref-quit & feature request.

Eduardo Muñoz emufer at terra.es
Fri Apr 1 22:44:03 UTC 2005

* Luke Gorrie <luke at synap.se>
| Eduardo Muñoz <emufer at terra.es> writes:
| > Using M-. with a generic function presents a buffer
| > selection thingy. Selecting the desired method or defclass
| > opens the desired buffer but then using q to exit the xrefs
| > buffer restores de window configuration so I have to select
| > the buffer manually. Using C-x o to exit the xref buffer
| > leaves it visible but this is something I want to avoid.
| Try selecting the method you want with SPC instead of RET. That way
| you will be jumped to the definition and the xref buffer will be
| dismissed.

Sweet, thanks :)

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