[slime-devel] Re: Macro indentation redux

Helmut Eller e9626484 at stud3.tuwien.ac.at
Mon Oct 18 05:56:54 UTC 2004

Peter Seibel <peter at javamonkey.com> writes:

> And more. I guess I hadn't loaded the definitions that time (though I
> thought I had). So I restarted emacs and SLIME *and* slime-compile'd
> the files containing the macros and I was back to uses of once-only
> indenting correctly while uses of with-gensyms are incorrectly
> indented. Sorry for all the confusion--i.e. welcome to my world.

I knew it.  Changing the indentation is problematic.

This is caused by the new cl-indent.el file.  The modified indent
function disables the "with-*" thing by default, so with-gensyms is
indented like a function call.  If you load the macro definition, Lisp
will tell Emacs that once-only and with-gensyms are macros and how to
indent them.  You probably have slime-conservative-indentation=t, so
that SLIME ignores the indent hint for with-gensyms.  Setting it to
nil should help here.

We still have the problem that the macro definition must be loaded on
the Lisp side before it is indented correctly.  Perhaps the "with-*"
heuristic wasn't that bad after all.


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