[slime-devel] question on auto-indenting

rif rif at MIT.EDU
Fri Jul 30 03:42:51 UTC 2004

I'm having trouble with auto-indenting in the slime-1.0alpha tarball
release.  For instance, I have a macro fixfor, which takes an &body
argument, and I'd want this to be indented just 2 spaces.

It works fine in the REPL, but doesn't seem to work in files at all,
whether they use the package that contains the macro or not.  Looking
at (swank:print-indentation-lossage), I see both fixfor and :fixfor,
even though I don't define :fixfor anywhere as far as I know.
Furthermore, neither of these are there when I first start CL --- I
guess it must add them when it tries to indent the function or

In any case, fixfor is only defined in a single package, although it's
exported from that package, and that package is used by other
packages.  fixfor is just one example among many, more generally, I
don't feel like autoindenting is "working" for me.

Possibly relevant facts: swank:*configure-emacs-indentation* is true.
In .emacs, my swank:*communiation-style* is :fd-handler.

Any help is appreciated.



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