[slime-devel] Re: Tests fail on packages.

Peter Seibel peter at javamonkey.com
Fri Jul 16 18:00:56 UTC 2004

Luke Gorrie <luke at bluetail.com> writes:

> Peter Seibel <peter at javamonkey.com> writes:
>> Okay. So I obviously didn't run the tests before I committed those
>> changes. Shame on me. So now I'm trying to be good and run them and am
>> getting not only all kinds of failures but also--it seems--the tests
>> themselves hanging. I'm using Allegro 6.2 on GNU/Linux. Any ideas?
> I'm not sure. I have only used the test suite under CMUCL myself, but
> recently Helmut checked in some stuff that suggests he's run it
> everywhere (it knows how many failures to expect per Lisp.)
> FWIW the test suite sometimes takes some time (e.g. a minute or two)
> to run and might appear to have hung. I ran it successfully (reporting
> one trivial/false failure) under CMUCL-19a-pre3 earlier this week.

Yes. This was my main problem--I saw a message in the mini-buffer that
said "Evaluation aborted" or some such after which it appeared to
hang. So I assumed something bad had happened. But if I just waited a
while things went okay. (However under SBCL 0.8.12 I asked me whether
I wanted to enter a recursive edit and then dropped me in the
debugger. Didn't have that problem in Allegro.)

Anyway, I checked in a fix for the package-related test failures that
I introduced the other day. Sorry about that. There are still 7
failures instead of the expected 5 under Allegro. Here are the two
unexpected failures:

  * arglist
  ** input: (swank:start-server (swank:start-server port-file &optional (style *communication-style*) dont-close))
  At the top level (no debugging or pending RPCs)
  FAILED: Argument list is as expected:
  expected: ["(swank:start-server port-file &optional (style *communication-style*) dont-close)"]
    actual: ["(swank:start-server port-file &optional style dont-close)"]
  At the top level (no debugging or pending RPCs)

  * interactive-eval-output
  ** input: ((+ 1 2) ;;;; (+ 1 2) ...
  SWANK>  nil)
  Buffer contains result:
  expected: [";;;; (+ 1 2) ...
  SWANK> "]
    actual: [";;;; (+ 1 2) ...
  SWANK> "]
  Buffer visible?:
  expected: [nil]
    actual: [nil]
  ** input: ((princ 10) ;;;; (princ 10) ...
  SWANK>  t)
  FAILED: Buffer contains result:
  expected: [";;;; (princ 10) ...
  SWANK> "]
    actual: [";;;; (princ 10) ...

  SWANK> "]


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