[slime-devel] Suggestion: improve sldb-fetch-more-frames

Jan Rychter jan at rychter.com
Tue Feb 24 18:02:44 UTC 2004

I've just tried to do a cut&paste on a large backtrace in the sldb
buffer. Unfortunately, that doesn't work too well, because when I mark
the beginning and start going down in the backtrace, as soon as I pass
the --more-- marker, the selection gets changed.

I've tried adding a save-excursion to sldb-fetch-more-frames, but for
some reason that doesn't quite do the trick. The beginning of my region
then stays untouched, but after passing the --more-- marker, the end of
my region jumps to the end of the backtrace.

Which means, I find the current behavior annoying, but I don't know how
to fix it :-(

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