[slime-devel] Re: Printing of function arglists

lawrence mitchell wence at gmx.li
Mon Feb 23 10:18:25 UTC 2004

Marco Baringer wrote:

> Me:
>> I'd propose the following change, unless it's likely to have
>> unwanted other effects.

> Anything against binding it to *swank-pprint-pretty* ?

Not really.  The only problem I see with this is that one would
presumably also add this binding to SWANK-PPRINT.  Which may well
have unwanted side-effects elsewhere, in that, in order to have
non-pprinted arglists, one also has to have non-pprinted results
from PPRINT-EVAL.  If, however, you weren't intending this, then
I see no reason why one couldn't change things.

lawrence mitchell <wence at gmx.li>

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