[slime-devel] Re: OpenMCL and OS X

bryan o'connor bryan-slime at lunch.org
Thu Feb 5 03:33:03 UTC 2004

> I know that "asdf" is a packaging system. I don't remember reading
> reading anywhere that it's a requirement but a quick grep through
> the slime directory shows several references to "asdf".

the copy of asdf that i've been using has some fixes for
openmcl and can be found here:

the minimum you'll need is for asdf to be located somewhere
in your *module-search-path*, so that (require :asdf) will
find and load it.  my openmcl-init.lisp looks like this:

   (pushnew #4p"home:lib;openmcl;" *module-search-path* :test #'equal)
   (require :asdf)

there's a good asdf and asdf-install tutorial here:

you may also want to look at my require replacement for
openmcl that will integrate with asdf:

if you have further openmcl-specific problems getting slime
running, you can contact me off-list or find me on #lisp.


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