[slime-devel] not-so-inferior-slime-mode, backhackattack-1

James Bielman jamesjb at jamesjb.com
Tue Oct 28 09:29:41 UTC 2003

On 28 Oct 2003, luke at bluetail.com wrote:
> And to use James's code for this! Extremely nice stuff in your web
> directory which I didn't properly appreciate before diving back into
> backend hacking :-). I think you've split it up and documented it
> beautifully.

Thanks. :)

> I recall we grumbled about the number of files initially, but after
> trying a less-split version me and Dan came around to your
> view. With just a frontend+backend pair of files I got yucky
> circular compilation dependencies.
> What's the status of the code - is the stuff in
> http://jamesjb.com/slime/ the latest? Does it work? Let's use it!

It's a few weeks old and missing a few loose ends but nothing major.
If I commit, say, an empty implementation that throws not-implemented
errors for everything and the OpenMCL version, will that be a good


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