[slime-devel] SLIME and Lispworks?

Alain.Picard at memetrics.com Alain.Picard at memetrics.com
Mon Oct 27 04:20:10 UTC 2003

Luke Gorrie writes:
 > Alain.Picard at memetrics.com writes:
 > > [I discovered that that's because I seem to use NOUTLINE,
 > > instead of regular OUTLINE.  I'll try to use `emacs -q'
 > > to do my slime hacking from now on.]
 > I would like to fix this, but I can't find this `noutline' package
 > anywhere - what is it? I notice that the outline.el that ships with
 > GNU Emacs includes a "(provide 'noutline)" so I'm assuming it's an
 > alternative implementation of outline-mode?
 > If you send me noutline.el or, a patch to slime.el with the
 > appropriate fboundp check or what-have-you, I'll be glad to commit a
 > fix. Of course you shouldn't have to use "emacs -q" to run SLIME.

Sorry, my bad (an old mode I used years ago).  The outline
package I'm using now is allout.el.

And both M-x slime and slime-run-tests are running properly now.
Weird.  Did somebody fix this behind our backs?

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