[slime-devel] More SLIME wish items

Raymond Toy rtoy at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 25 16:38:07 UTC 2003

Since Luke has been very good about getting my wish items into slime, 
here, I think, is the last one that really prevents me from switching 
completely to slime from ilisp.

In ilisp, if you're in the debugger, pressing C-d pops one level of the 
debugger.  In slime, I press C-d all the time, but cmucl sees a literal 
C-d and thinks end-of-file.  Fortunately, cmucl doesn't exit.

And, since we're wishing right now, here's another feature from ilisp 
that I like and use once in a while.  Comes in handy when you're testing 
  different versions of cmucl, or comparing how different lisps behave.

Ilisp allows several buffers running at the same time.  Each buffer is 
running a different lisp instance.  This can be the same lisp or a 
different lisp implementation altogether.

Anyway, slime rocks!


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