[slime-devel] SLIME and Lispworks?

Alain.Picard at memetrics.com Alain.Picard at memetrics.com
Mon Oct 20 17:15:18 UTC 2003

Dear SLIME developers (hi Luke!)

Well, ILISP has been annoying me _SO_ much recently
I figured it may finally be time to do something
about it; then I stumbled on this project.

I realize (from reading your sources so far) that
you're focussing on CMUCL and SBCL; however, if the
intent is to try to make the protocol sufficiently
general/portable to other Lisps, I hereby volunteer
my services as Lispworks user/tester/debugger (and
even, initially) porter of whatever LW specific code 
needs to be written to get SLIME going on LW.

I can't promise I have a lot of time to devote to this,
so I'll be happy to pass the ball on to whoever wants
to take this up next, but one is greater than zero, so
I'm willing to give this a go, if the concensus of this
list is that this is
 a) feasible
 b) a good idea

So let me know your thoughts.  (I won't be offended if you
think such an effort is undesirable or premature, so feel
free to speak your collective minds).

			--Alain Picard

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