[slime-devel] stuff

Luke Gorrie luke at bluetail.com
Thu Oct 16 22:58:48 UTC 2003


Feels good to be hacking again :-)

Helmut, list-callers is great! The inspector too!

This backend integration is groovy too.

I've been hacking on the Elisp source-path support a bit more just
now. It turns out backquote is really hard (see ChangeLog for
details). We probably should push resolving source-paths into Lisp to
use their reader for compiler notes too. Maybe `forward-source-path's
days are numbered?

Also hacked the batch-mode test suite a bit. There's a little
'test.sh' in CVS for running it. I drive it with different lisp/emacs
versions with this script:


  emacsen="emacs21 emacs20"
  lispen="sbcl-cvs cmucl-snapshot cmucl-cvs"

  echo "(Removing old output.)"
  rm *.dribble* *.results* &>/dev/null

  for emacs in $emacsen; do
      for lisp in $lispen; do
          echo -en "Testing $tag:\t"
          $tester $emacs $lisp $tag.dribble $tag.results && echo "passed."

which then prints output like:

  $ ./slime-test.sh
  (Removing old output.)
  Testing emacs21_sbcl-cvs:       6 test(s) failed.
  Testing emacs21_cmucl-snapshot: 1 test(s) failed.
  Testing emacs21_cmucl-cvs:      1 test(s) failed.
  Testing emacs20_sbcl-cvs:       6 test(s) failed.
  Testing emacs20_cmucl-snapshot: 1 test(s) failed.
  Testing emacs20_cmucl-cvs:      1 test(s) failed.

The details/results and dribble output are saved in files.

One test they all failed is placing a compiler note inside a
backquote. The extra failed SBCL cases are on tests where we currently
assume we're looking things up in CMUCL's codebase.


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