[rdnzl-devel] CL-CLR, an alternative way of working with RDNZL

Dan Muller s8ctxw402 at sneakemail.com
Sat Mar 25 16:27:33 UTC 2006

Hmm, that didn't work quite right. Looks like Sneakemail censored my 
Web server's DNS name. Here's the download location again in slightly 
mangled form:


Dan Muller s8ctxw402-at-sneakemail.com |RDNZL-devel/via Sneakemail| wrote:

> I recently put together a system that I layered on top of RDNZL, in 
> order to experiment with some alternative ways of interacting with 
> CLR/.NET code. I'm hoping that some of the ideas could be 
> incorporated into RDNZL. Edi's too busy to look it over right now, 
> and he suggested that I offer for perusal here on the mailing list.
> Aside from making type lookup a little easier, this system tries to 
> make your .NET-using Lisp code a bit more Lisp-like. Performance is 
> shabby because of the layering over RDNZL; much, if not all of this, 
> could eventually be fixed. Nonetheless, I've been using this system 
> successfully for the past few weeks as a vehicle for exploring 
> Direct3D programming on a WinXP system, using the LispWorks trial 
> edition of Lisp. In order to get reasonable performance, I had to use 
> CL-CLR:DEFINE-CLR-CALL (a thin veneer over DEFINE-RDNZL-CALL) for 
> most calls in the rendering loop.
> This system *should* work with any Lisp that is supported by RDNZL.
> The package includes several of Microsoft's Direct3D Tutorial 
> programs, translated to Lisp. If you have ASDF, RDNZL, and Direct3D 
> installed, you ought to be able to run the examples with a minimum of 
> fuss.
> You can download it from here: http:\\..................\cl-clr.zip
> Comments are welcome. You are also encouraged to laugh at the 
> excessively long TODO.txt file.
> -- 
> Dan Muller
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