In CLOS, instance remorphing considered useless in practice?

Jean-Claude Beaudoin jean.claude.beaudoin at
Wed Dec 9 09:33:13 UTC 2020

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 3:55 AM Marco Antoniotti <marco.antoniotti at>

> Hi
> I used CHANGE-CLASS some time ago to ensure that I could read new data and
> reshape it.  It was a much cleaner - and "built in" - solution than writing
> ad-hoc code which should eventually be "generalized".
> I understand people get worked up about things they feel may be in their
> way of "efficient code".
> But guys!  The world I see from my perch is running on Python and R.

No contest from here.

> At the risk of sounding obnoxious (I am getting old; I can afford it :) )
> there are other trees to bark on in the CL forest: mostly at the
> outskirts.  Not that many at the core.
I'd be curious to see your laundry list if you care to share it. As far as
priorities go, that is an other issue.
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