Call for Interest: Clojure (or Lisp?) Code Camp with BLM focus

Dave Cooper david.cooper at
Thu Dec 3 04:26:58 UTC 2020

Where else do Common Lispers go to talk shop, whether CL or something else?

To me, Common Lispers "talking shop" by definition means talking about CL
or related topics, not an open-ended "something else." I would turn that
question around and ask "where else do Common Lispers go for unapologetic
mutual support for their chosen or imposed computing platform, which is
Common Lisp?"  If groups such as this mailing list become diluted with hand
wringing, naysaying, and negativity, then you tell me Tim, where do actual
Common Lispers go?

CL is very good but it is not perfect.  Debating the relative merits of
> various languages can lead to cross-pollination of ideas.  It appears that
> most innovation is happening elsewhere, and I hope this community can
> bring the best of CL into a worthy successor, whatever it may be called.
If "most innovation is happening elsewhere" then those of us who have the
propensity to look into other languages can serve the community here by
reporting back the cool things they find and discussing how we may or may
not be able to co-opt such things into CL. If such is the perspective and
purpose of "debating the merits of various languages," then indeed, such
debate can result in productive cross-pollination, and this is needed and

If the intention and focus is instead to sing the praises of other
environments in order to seek fellow converts or validation for converting,
and doing this while specifically targeting a group set up to support
"professional common lispers," then I consider such efforts to be unhelpful
in the context of this group and I would invite you to take such
discussions into the forums of those other environments or into some
general language discussion forums.

Understand that not all of us have the "luxury" on the one hand, nor the
desire on the other hand, to chase the dragon of the latest cool thing, and
we look to groups such as this one specifically to support our crusty old
entrenched mentality -- and to improve our environment as best we can,
understanding the inherent limitations that exist. This is the life we have
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