Call for Interest: Clojure (or Lisp?) Code Camp with BLM focus

Dave Cooper david.cooper at
Wed Dec 2 19:57:58 UTC 2020

Well i'm not meaning to be a wet blanket but I'm pretty sure there are
plenty of places to discuss "this language is better than that language
because of this or that feature"   other than a common lisp - specific
email list.

It seems self-evident to me that a "professional common lisp" mailing list
is meant for those who are working in Common Lisp professionally (either
out of necessity or preference), and wish to discuss various
tips/tricks/practicalities of continuing to do so.  Discussions about how
to introduce Common Lisp to youngsters (some of whom may become the next
generation of "common lisp professionals") may also be appropriate. But
discussions about "hey, let's teach youngsters programming: now let's
discuss what non-commonlisp trendy languages are the cool/smart kids using
these days so that we (common lisp professional) may put resources into a
coding camp or whatever"  seem to run counter to any purpose of a mailing
list such as this and moreover smacks of a cuckoldish mentality.

Now, if we are discussing other languages from the perspective of "how can
we co-opt some of the nice features of these other languages into common
lisp through open-source libraries or some future version of the cl
standard" then I feel the discussion would be appropriate here. But that
does not seem to be the thrust of this current thread (is it?)

I also should display some humility and perhaps my initial comment on this
matter was a bit short and haughty; I apologize if it came through that
way. After all, I did not establish this list and I'm not sure who did --
if they are still around perhaps they can chime in with an opinion?

I am however associated with the Foundation which runs
which runs this mailing list so I do feel qualified to express an opinion

On Wed, Dec 2, 2020 at 2:24 PM Laughing Water <lw at> wrote:

> I occupy a very humble position in the Common Lisp community, but FWIW I
> think it’s reasonable to either include or exclude this discussion from
> this list. It’s a subject of interest to the CL professional community but
> it’s more about Lisp or Lisp-like offshoots or alternatives than about CL
> itself.
> My only request would be that if this discussion moves elsewhere, I’d like
> to know where it goes so I can follow it.
> Best wishes,
> Laughing Water
> On Dec 2, 2020, at 11:40 AM, Dave Cooper <david.cooper at>
> wrote:
> May I respectfully suggest that you guys take this non-CL discussion
> elsewhere than the "professional common lisp" mailing list.
> --
> My Best,
> Dave Cooper, david.cooper at
> +1 248-330-2979

My Best,

Dave Cooper, david.cooper at,
+1 248-330-2979
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