[munich-lisp] Re: Room for next Meeting

Alexander Burger abu at software-lab.de
Tue Jan 18 16:23:05 UTC 2005

Hi Wolfgang,

> Tuesday 8th is Faschingsdienstag, and today I was informed that the  
> building will be closed from noon this day. Would you prefer Tuesday  
> 13th or Friday 18th?

For me both are ok. How about the preferences of other members?

> >>- Would it make sense to start a little earlier (e.g. 18:00)?
> No problem for me.

Great. So perhaps Friday would be better in general, as some people
might finish their work earlier on Fridays than on other weekdays?

> >>- Is there a feasible way to go back to Central Station? E.g. does
> ...
> minutes.
> ...
> Take a look here for detailed information:  
> <URL:http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/de/home/fahrgastinformation/efa/ 
> fahrtauskunft/index.html>

Fine. Thank you.

- Alex

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