[munich-lisp] Room for next Meeting

Jim Newton jimka at rdrop.com
Fri Jan 14 06:32:02 UTC 2005

hi Wolfgang, will you please reserve the room
for some date after the 13th, and please let me know
which date.  We can have the meeting at the
date you suggest.


Wolfgang Mederle wrote:
> On 13.01.2005, at 22.39 Uhr, Jim Newton wrote:
>> hi wolfgang, it will depend on when you can get
>> the room as to whether we can have the meeting one
>> week later?  you mentioned we need to do it before
>> the 13th, right? or did i misunderstand?
> The lecture-free time starts around Feb. 13th, but that only means that 
> from that date on it should be even easier to get a room. No problem here.
> Wolfgang
> P.S. Just passed my oral exam in Computational Linguistics today. 
> Milestone!

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