[movitz-devel] Re: &REST variable OBJECTS must be dynamic-extent.

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld ffjeld at common-lisp.net
Sun Apr 17 18:45:42 UTC 2005

Shawn Betts <sabetts at vcn.bc.ca> writes:

> It seems sometimes having a &rest variable in a function causes a
> strange error. Is this a known issue? It's kind of irritating :).

Yes.. it's a remainder from before there was any dynamic memory
allocation, and which I haven't come around to fix yet. Please just
put in a declaration (and obey it..) until I can get it fixed.

  (defun silly-fn (&rest objects)
    (declare (dynamic-extent objects))
    (mapcar #'+ objects))

should work.

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld

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