OT: [movitz-devel] My experiences so far

Chris Capel chris at iBankTech.NET
Tue Mar 16 13:08:21 UTC 2004

>> compile movitz yet.  I'm trying to find a good IDE, which, it turns out,

>Currently Slime + Emacs is a good bet.

I'll sure try it.

>asking cmucl-help for advice. Anyways, I'd definitely recommend Slime over
>Hemlock in a terminal -- unless you're interested in hacking the editor
>itself that is, in which case Hemlock is likely to be infinitely more

Hemlock would be a good starting place for an editor targeting Movitz, don't you think?  It'd be nice if I didn't have to learn some other editor if I eventually wanted to hack Movitz while using Movitz.

And for someone weaned on Visual Studio, Hemlock isn't quite as imposing.  I mean, compare the size of the users' manuals.  Heh.

Chris Capel
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