[movitz-devel] What's up?

Nikodemus Siivola tsiivola at cc.hut.fi
Wed Feb 4 07:27:04 UTC 2004

Currently (for the next month or two at least) I'm pretty much doomed to
just follow what's going on.

In the medium term I'm interested in working on various relatively
independent bits that directly affect my "user experience": like teaching
it about scandinavian keyboards, working on various drivers, improving the
line editor, etc.

In the long term I'm looking forward to hacking the compiler, working
towards making it self-hosting, and what ever arises en route to having a
Lisp OS.

What I "want" from Movitz is the joy of writing lisp, and hopefully at one
point a sane OS.

What I can realistically offer is not too much: my experience is limited
to a few projects of my own, plus some SBCL patching. Most of the things
I'd like to do for Movitz are things I need to learn first.

On the documentation front, what I most miss are comments in the source
àla SBCL/CMUCL. They often explain the motivation behind things, and
shamelessly mark things that are not really ideal or right as such. It's
especially good to see comments to the effect of "I'm not really sure this
is right, but it seems to be because..." when that is the case: it saves
plenty of puzzling over puzzling code.


 -- Nikodemus

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