[movitz-devel] What's up?

Janis Dzerins jdz at dir.lv
Mon Feb 2 16:20:19 UTC 2004

Frode Vatvedt Fjeld wrote:

> So far I've seen by far many more subscription notices than actual
> messages on this list.. :-) I'd be interested to hear about
> experiences with getting Movitz up and running and any plans for
> using/developing it. I mean, are everyone just here to keep half an
> eye on things, are you unable to navigate the pile of code to make
> sense of anything, or what?

I got it up and runnig with sbcl (and with ACL trial too).  Then I 
started to read IA32 and AMD64 documents because the last assembler code 
I wrote was for 80286 and DOS.  I also was reading linux sources for 
framebuffer and VESA stuff.

In short -- I have looked a bit through the sources and have not decided 
where to start doing anything.  But I will!

One thing I would like to find out is how to work with the stuff: mainly 
I think I would like to know about the bochs interface through procfs. 
If that is described somewhere, just point me where should I start 
reading.  Haven't got this far, yet.  And I'm a bit sick at the moment.

> Myself, I'm trying to concentrate on getting a PhD shipped rather
> soonish, and part of that is trying to figure out GC.

I guess working on GC means knowing lots of implementation details only 
you have (at the moment).  But I think it would be beneficial for 
everybody else to have some knowledge of the details.  I'd really like 
to see more discussions on such things here (this is devel list, after 
all :).  So please share with us when you have anything to say.

Janis Dzerins

   Common Lisp -- you get more than what you see.

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