Missing component at quicklisp

Greg Bennett gwbennett at sentex.ca
Mon Mar 13 15:54:58 UTC 2017

 From Greg Bennett running ccl64 under linux Mint 17.1

I sent a message to Zach Beane but I'm not sure whether ql pulls stuff 
or mcclim pushes,
hence this somewhat belated message.

Last night I updated ccl64 and ran (ql::update-all-dists), which exited 
without incident.
Before the updates mmclim, quickloaded correctly.

I restarted ccl64 and then I tried (require 'mcclim) which broke with 
the message:

ASDF could not load mcclim because Component ASDF/USER::OPTICL-CORE not 
found, required by #<SYSTEM "retrospectiff">.

Thx for any advice and assistance

Cheers /Greg Bennett

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