[mcclim-devel] Official repository lagging?

Rudolf Schlatte rudi at constantly.at
Fri Aug 24 08:58:44 UTC 2012

On Aug 24, 2012, at 10:40, Timothy Moore <moore at bricoworks.com> wrote:

> I was going to save this mail until my current round of mcclim hacking is finished, but here
> goes. I'm not particularly interested in continuing to work with CVS. Are people agreeable
> with moving to git? I'm not invested (at all) in having my github repo become the "official"
> repo, but a site like github has a lot of advantages as a host.

I'm very much in favor of moving to git.  git-svn works well enough for upstream svn archives, but syncing back and forth with cvs is always uncomfortable for me.

But could we leave the "official" git archive on common-lisp.net?  I like github, but when I'm checking out a project that I'm unfamiliar with, I hate having to decide between downloading (for the sake of example) onixie/mcclim, slyrus/mcclim, mmontone/mcclim and timoore/mcclim.


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