[mcclim-devel] Is list-pane not fully implemented?

P C psilocidal at gmail.com
Tue Aug 7 16:37:05 UTC 2012


I've been trying to get my list-panes fully operational, but it seems as I
take one step forward, something else seems to push me back two steps.

It is frustrating, but I am more grateful to be learning these tools,
because this is really the only way I will be exposed to CL. It seems that
at first, my lists didn't seem to want to be nonexclusive. I found out that
the problem with that was my McCLIM directory in quicklisp had about half
of the files missing (?). I don't know how that happened. Then after I
figured that out, when I try to update the items of the list using (setf
(list-pane-items pane) new-items), it says there is no generic function to
handle this. Maybe my problem comes from my work around. This is what I did.

      (setf (climi::list-pane-items (find-pane-named *application-frame*
'pane)) new-items-list)))

Is all of this necessary? It seems the second (with-slots ...) is not

I've read through the gadgets.lisp and it seems that the defgeneric and
defmethods are defined appropriately, but (setf list-pane-items) or (setf
climi::list-pane-items) errors out as no generic function. Is there a way
better than what I did?

After I use this to update my list, it redisplays with only half of the
items; 1500 instead of 3000. Is this a limit of the size that a list-pane
can handle; or is this from my work around?

Also I would like to mention, :scroll-bars and :visible-items keys don't
work for me. Are these known bugs? When I had :scroll-bars t and tried to
update my list, the whole screen became transparent except for around the
borders where it was refracted.

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